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Tire tread divider

QFT-Z100 tire tread divider is mainly used to segment the unqualified tread film in the tire production process.This machine is composed of main machine, automatic feeding conveying device, automatic discharging conveying device, CNC adjusting device, water collecting device, water absorbing device, photoelectric monitoring and protection device, driving system and safety device, etc. It is the key equipment of high precision and high efficiency in the process of dividing unqualified tread film.
Tire tread divider
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Product details

     This machine is mainly used to segment all kinds of specifications unqualified lining film, the segmentation rate is up to 90%.After the composite film of lining layer is separated by kind, it can continue to be used, so that the loss caused by unqualified composite lining layer in the production process can be reduced to a low degree.This machine is the first in China.

     The machine is mainly composed of the following parts: GJ2A9-150D spliter (main machine), discharging and water device (auxiliary machine) and control system.

  The machine has the following characteristics:

     (1) This product USES the PLC program control system, process control, digital display the location of the feed roller, on the transverse bridge to realize the rise and fall of accurate count, and cross the bridge to predict the rise and fall of quantity, and have power off memory function, automatic detection and control the accurate position of the blade, ensure the position precision of the knife, the machine has compact structure, rational layout, the system rigidity, convenient maintenance, easy operation;

     (2) The bending amount of the feeding roller is adjustable, and the process requirements of different rubber memory segmentation can be met by changing the shape of the feeding roller;

(3) the position of the edge relative to the center plane can be adjusted by turning the hand wheel, digital display, simple and convenient;

(4) The hydraulic tensioning device with knife is an independent operating system, and the tensioning force with knife is displayed by the pressure gauge;

(5) The machine is equipped with water recovery device, water can be recycled;

(6) The auxiliary machine is composed of discharging mechanism, suction device and conveying device;

(7) The absorbent device is made of imported sponge with good absorbent performance;

(8) The discharging water absorption device is equipped with a frame, which is easy to move before and after, and easy to clean and maintain the main engine;

Main technical parameters:

The main machine Technical parameters Single bit
Feed width 1000 mm
Running speed with knife 6 m/s
Feed speed 1.5-11 m/min
Range of feed thickness 1.6-15 mm
The thickness of the material 0.8 mm
Segmentation accuracy ±0.10 mm
Total motor power 12.35 KW
Overall dimensions 4130X1150X1920 Length X width X height mm
The whole machine quality 2700 kg
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