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What are the contents that should be familiar with before the operation of leather piece leather mac

Release time: 2021-01-31

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What are the contents that should be familiar with before the operation of leather piece leather mac

The manufacture of daily necessities such as leather shoes and belts needs leather, so leather shaving and leveling machine, leather slicing machine, leather cutting machine and so on have also become an indispensable product in some leather manufacturers.Let's understand the content to be familiar with before the operation of the leather piece leather machine.

1. When using the skin slicing machine, adjust the pressure of the feeding roller according to the raw material of the leather. When the raw material is thin and soft, loosen it in the counterclockwise direction;If the raw material is thick and hard, adjust it in a clockwise direction.

2. Adjust the thickness adjusting handwheel according to the process requirements. Push the skin forward to be thick, and push it back to be thin.

3. After the waste test machine with the same data meets the requirements, start the skin sheeting operation.

Leather sheeting machine

4. In the process of using the skin sheet machine, we should pay attention to the correct posture. For large pieces of skin, we should choose low speed feeding, and put both hands flat to press the skin surface slowly forward feeding.If you encounter the phenomenon of stuck leather or scurf upturning, you can step on the pedal with your right foot to lower the feeding roller, then pull the leather back, stop and finish the scurf on the feeding roller.

5. After the operation is finished, press the stop button and close the power switch (Note: the grinding wheel should be retreated from the edge of the knife before the shutdown).

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