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Leather to meat machine adjustment mode, leather to meat machine how to use correctly?Have to answer

Release time: 2021-01-31

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Leather to meat machine adjustment mode, leather to meat machine how to use correctly?Have to answer

With the development of society, people have higher and higher requirements for beauty. As far back as thousands of years ago, people used native leather to keep warm and warm, and gradually began to regard leather products as a symbol of identity. From the primitive and fundamental processing of animal fur to the high-tech separation of animal skin and meat now.Since the 20th century, the creation of leather and leather meat removing machine has made the development of various leather products successful, and also made the leather industry develop rapidly. Many regions began to build a lot of leather products industry system, which made the leather industry develop from manual operation to mechanized production.The leather and fur often seen on the market is separated by the whole or part of the skin and meat through the leather meat machine, and the subcutaneous, grease and floating meat residue are removed without damaging the skin.

Flesh removal plays an important role in the whole process of skin making. If the impurity is removed in the process of meat removal, the quality of skin can not be guaranteed even through the processing of chemical products in the later period, and the beautiful effect of leather products can be affected.Now the fundamental choice for leather making career is the hydraulic leather fleshing machine. It can make the leather fully touch with the machine. After the leather fleshing machine is processed, the skin thickness is higher and more detailed.In the leather market is very popular with consumers, and even the sales of two layers of leather is also very tight. The development of leather products not only drives the development of animal breeding, but also drives the production and sales of mechanical professional leather and leather meat machine in the processing process, as well as the development of meat products dealers.

Leather meat remover

Leather to meat machine in the leather machinery profession has been very good use, use, adjust the leather to meat machine when there are any matters needing attention?

(1) first insist that the working rollers of the leather meat removing machine are parallel to each other, and the gap is appropriate.Adjust the feeding roller and the knife roller parallel, can make the knife roller on the skin even cutting meat, can be adjusted by rolling the swing arm handle and moving the bearing position of the feeding roller.The pressing force of the pressing roller on the leather is mainly supplied by the spring at both ends. The compression degree of the spring can be adjusted to adjust the size of the pressing force and complete the normal transmission of the leather.

(2) it is not required to adhere to the elasticity of feeding and transferring cots, regularly wash with hot water and wipe the surface of cots with sulfur powder.

In the process of operation, pay attention to the grindstone back from the knife roller. When sharpening the knife, the feed quantity should not be too large to prevent the blade or the grindstone itself from being damaged.When the machine is idling, the sliding seat of the feeding roller should be removed to prevent the blade from cutting the cots or air cushion.

Maintain and protect the machine and keep it clean.At the end of each day's work, the machine should be washed, the meat residue and glue attached to each part should be removed, the machine should be dried, and the friction surface should be smooth.Disassemble and clean the smooth parts regularly as required.

The above is the related news about the leather meat machine, want to more specific understanding and consultation, welcome to contact us by telephone, dedicated to your service!

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