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How to analyze the Euler of the leather fleshing machine?How do you determine the pressure?Have a re

Release time: 2021-01-31

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How to analyze the Euler of the leather fleshing machine?How do you determine the pressure?Have a re

In the operation process of leather fleshing machine, its pressure change will have a great impact on the working efficiency and working pressure of the machine, so the control of this parameter is also crucial.Let's first take a look at the leather to meat machine leather transmission Euler can be analyzed and its pressure determination method.

After the meat is removed, the flower roller of the meat removal machine depends on the spring pressure to press the leather on the transfer roller, so that it can obtain a certain transmission force, and the leather that has been to the meat is sent out.It can be seen that the transmission force must be a certain spring pressure on the flower roller. The spring pressure value is the operating pressure of the flower roller, referred to as the transmission pressure.The accurate determination of the transmission pressure depends on the correct assumption and analysis of the transmission.In the field of leather machinery, the above problems have not been addressed so far.Comments will be made on this aspect only.

Leather meat remover

Leather transfer Euler profile 1- flower roller 2- transfer roller 3- knife rougher - feed air roller.

Euler's assumption for the transfer of the fleshing machine is that the transfer of the fleshing machine is equivalent to the flat belt drive and is actually attributed to the drive.Based on this assumption, using the Euler method, the leather is assumed to be a collection of soft, unstretchable threads.The static pressure value can be measured when the machine is shut down, and the dynamic pressure value can also be monitored in the operation. The principle of force measurement is simple and the structure is delicate.It can exchange different lengths of couplings and different diameters of force measuring rollers, so as to get used to different shakers and rollers. It has a wide range of uses and simple assembly operation.From a useful point of view, the Euler formula derived for soft, unstretchable lines is satisfactively accurate.

Secondly, the leather fleshing machine takes the whole piece of leather as the research goal, and carries out Euler analysis on it. From the perspective of transferring leather, the transfer roller is the main driving wheel, and the knife roller is the slave driving wheel.

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