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How to operate and maintain the leather leveler correctly?What should be paid attention to during op

Release time: 2021-01-31

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How to operate and maintain the leather leveler correctly?What should be paid attention to during op

With the continuous improvement of people's life taste, the application of leather in some areas of life has become more and more widely, which makes people's demand for leather shaving machine more and more.But most people do not know much about this kind of machinery, so the following Longyi machinery Xiaobian will introduce the correct operation and maintenance methods and operational matters of the leather cutting machine, the details are as follows.

1. Correct operation and maintenance of leather shaving and leveling machine

1. During cutting and grinding, the cutting tool and grinding tool are not allowed to stop without leaving the workpiece;

2. Do not remove the safety protection device on the machine tool without authorization. The machine tool without safety protection device is not allowed to work;

3. Clean iron filings and oil stains on the machine regularly, and keep the guide rail surface, sliding surface, rotating surface, positioning datum surface and working surface clean;

4. Transmission and feed mechanism of the mechanical speed, tool and workpiece clamping, alignment and workpiece between the process of manual measurement should be in the cutting, grinding termination, tool, grinding tool back from the workpiece after the stop;

5. Pay close attention to the operation and lubrication of the machine tool. If abnormal phenomena such as malfunction, vibration, fever, crawling, noise, peculiar smell, bruise, etc. are found, stop the machine immediately for inspection and troubleshoot before continuing to work.

II. Matters needing attention during the operation of leather sharpener

1. When the cutting tool is set, the setting handwheel should be released first so that the setting rod touches the cutting point control switch, otherwise, the set action cannot be generated when the cutting tool setting switch is turned to ON.

2. When working, the cutting knife should be placed in the middle of the upper pressing plate as far as possible, so as not to cause unilateral wear of the machine and affect its life.

3. Replace the new cutting knife. If the height is different, please reset it according to the setting method.

4. When cutting, please leave the cutting knife or cutting board. It is strictly prohibited to cut with your hand to help the knife mold, so as to avoid danger.

5, if the operator needs to temporarily leave the position, please be sure to turn off the motor switch, so as not to damage the machine due to improper operation by others.

6, please avoid overloading to avoid damage to the machine and reduce the service life.

In addition to processing all kinds of leather, cloth, fabric, plastic, rubber, paper, felt, synthetic materials such as asbestos, glass fiber, cork outside, flexible sheet materials such as leather shaving machine, and other types of footwear, handbags, leather processing equipment and bags, gloves and hats, craft and silk flowers, printing and paper products, stationery, plastic, chemical industry, light industry such as automobile and electronics also has wide applications.Our company's production of various leather machinery has been recognized by new and old users, you are welcome to visit at any time.

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