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Is there any pollution or waste in the leathers?How to prevent it?Have to answer

Release time: 2021-01-31

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Is there any pollution or waste in the leathers?How to prevent it?Have to answer

In our daily life, there are many phenomena of pollution and waste.This is very bad for the environment and the long-term development of the economy.So now in the development of all walks of life will also be towards the protection of the environment and the way to save.So, is there pollution and waste in the leather patches?How to prevent it?

1, dry solid leather

Reducing the use of salt can be seen as an option.Assuming that salt contains 15% net weight, the skins can be stored for 6 weeks and the skins can be stored for 2 months with 5% salt and insecticide.Freezing is salt-free and can keep the skin for several days.Another method of storage is to use an ion beam emitter or gamma ray.Where possible, biodegradable additives should be used to replace derivatives of chlorinated aromatic hydrocarbons.Consumption of the latter is toxic to the natural environment.

2, leaching production and processing

Hair preservation is strongly recommended to avoid dissolving keratin into the waste solution.The depilation/lime powder battery can be recycled after charging.At the same time, it is suggested that the removal of hair and leaching of ash should be separated.Both fluids charge the battery and can pull the hair out.The center weight is the immersion solution removal.

3. Tanneries

System components made of low chromium will most likely require an aluminum salt tannery, resulting in a white and wet skin.Crust and crumbs contain less and less chromium.Substitutes for mineral salts such as aluminum salts, zirconium, titanium and iron are possible substitutes for chromium salts.But in fact, aluminum can be harmful to aquatic life under special conditions, even chemically.Choosing chromium is more of a practical approach.Unused chrome tanning liquid can be collected separately.Chromium can be recovered due to the presence of magnesium in liquids and solids.Some of them can be used as collagen material and feed material.

Choose green tanning instead of chrome tanning for aspect ratio.One of them is the whole "Lilitan" process, developed and designed in Brazil.Organic chemical digestion and absorption capacity is strong, clean energy including load, balanced infiltration, reduce step size and improve financial efficiency, etc., claiming to be the key advantage of the whole process, but its specific application is who knows.

4. Manufactured goods

Reducing VOC (VOC) allows for both basic and intermediate applications of building coatings.

Now many industries will use leather this kind of thing, from the prevention of leather machine pollution and waste of work, hope to help you in other leather application industry to have a better development.You want to have more understanding can also continue to pay attention to the company's official website or call consultation.

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